Staff Council is organized into two committees:

  • Programming and Communications Committee - This committee is chaired by the Secretary and focuses on developing programs designed to improve the working life and morale of staff, increasing staff engagement, and fostering a sense of community, as well as communicating with staff through a variety of media and developing strategies for improving campus communications.
  • Governance and Nominating Committee - This committee is chaired by the Treasurer and is responsible for regular review of the Staff Council bylaws and for planning, organizing, and running the annual nominations and elections for new Staff Council representatives.

Programming and Communications Committee Members

  • Casey Hulme (Chair)
  • Emma Anderson
  • Tony Delaurentis
  • Megan Pugh
  • Erin Spence

Governance and Nominating Committee Members

  • Sophia Ungert (Chair)
  • Mitizy Drane
  • John Liposchak
  • Adam Puett